Voice / Piano / Guitar / Woodwind / Music Theory

Music is a wonderful way to enrich education. Studies have proven that music education increases math scores. There are studies that prove that music helps heal the sick. In fact there are studies that prove that music is an invaluable asset to humanity. There are as yet few studies about the affect of music on the soul, but those of us who are drawn to music know that it is good for us. Call (919) 603-7297 or email stonecreststudios@gmail.com, Cindy Clark to schedule music lessons. An annual Showcase will be presented in the spring of each year for the purpose of giving students an opportunity to display their talents. There may also be additional opportunities to perform throughout the calendar year for students interested I additional performance opportunities. Individually Scheduled:Weekly or Biweekly Single Student Lesson: 30 minute lesson – $25 2 Student Group Lesson: 45 minute lesson – $20/student 3 Student Group Lesson: 45 minute lesson – $15/student Lessons will be scheduled at a mutually agreed upon time. Students should arrive early in order to be on time. If a student misses a lesson without 24 hours prior notification, charges will still incur; however, if a lesson must be postponed due to instructor’s schedule, a make-up lesson will be offered at a mutually agreed upon time. Group lesson rates are dependent upon group attendance. MONTHLY LESSONS fees are paid at the first lesson of each month.