StoneCrest Studios has given my daughter a chance to grow as a singer and a performer.  Having Cindy Clark (a National Board Certified music teacher) as an instructor/director is such an opportunity for children in this rural area to work with experience and talent. – Susanne Brunelli


My son Ben participated with StoneCrest Studios over the summer in their Show choir camp.  What a fantastic opportunity and experience!  Cindy was a great teacher and she was able to engage Ben and have him not only learning but loving it!  At the end of one week the group put on a great show and it really showed that Cindy knows how to motivate the kids. – Paul Shelton, Jr.


Mrs. Clark is an amazing teacher who works constantly to help her students further their musical education. She is by far the best teacher I have ever had!  –Robert Frazier


Taking voice lessons at StoneCrest Studios has been wonderful! Not only has my voice and my confidence grown, but working with Mrs. Clark makes every lesson a great experience. – Kelsey Aycock


Always engaging her students with an uplifting attitude, Cindy Clark encouraged me to delve into a world of music that I had always been afraid of. She made learning the advance technicalities of music interesting, memorable, and entertaining. She also has this knack for figuring out individual learning patterns and incorporating them into her lesson plans which shows that she’s dedicated and passionate about teaching others about music. – Sam Hampton


I had the pleasure of working with Cindy Clark in high school. Not only did she direct me in show choir, but she also taught me musical theory. With her warm smile and vivacious energy, Cindy Clark made every student that walked through her door feel special. I can even remember her staying up with me all night so I could learn music for the North Carolina Honors Chorus. Cindy Clark is not only a fantastic teacher, but also a great friend. I don’t know what I would have done in high school without her. – Marsha Hancock


Cindy Clark knows how to inspire all ages in their quest to learn music. Her enthusiasm, knowledge and hard work make any music experience a success. I have worked with Cindy in the school system as a music teacher, assisted as a pianist when she was in charge of the music in our county’s theater productions and I have seen her wonderful performances with the High School Chorus. She taught my son and has inspired him to continue his music experience in college and church. Her inspiration is felt by anyone who has had the opportunity to know her.  – Nancy Frazier


Cindy Clark is one of the best people you will ever meet. I was shy and afraid to bring out my voice. With Cindy’s great encouragement and love enabled me to gain confidence and discover my new found voice. In addition to singing praises to God in church choir and praise team, which has been great for me, my life and my church, I now have the confidence to sing solo too.  It has been a joy and a pleasure to work with Cindy; she is a great person. – Notosha Allred


While my daughter, Marsha Hancock, was at Webb High School, Cindy Clark taught with such caring instruction but still challenged Marsha to push to the next level. Cindy went the extra mile, spending many late nights with Marsha to prepare her for her participation in the North Carolina Honors Chorus, an experience that opened the door for Marsha to be invited to participate with the elite touring group, Sound of America, and perform with the SOA Chorus and as a soloist in eight countries throughout Europe.  Since then, Cindy has continued to stay in touch with Marsha, giving her encouragement and support as she tackles the Nashville Music scene.  We will be forever indebted to Cindy Clark and the instrumental role she played in our daughter’s journey toward her career in the music industry. Marsha’s manager is now John Rich, of Big and Rich, and her dreams of making it in the country music field are about to come true!!!   – Ann Hancock